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September Trip Day 3


So..day three was pretty simple. We rented a car from Alamo. And we stuck in traffic while making our ways to San Diego Zoo that is almost three hours away from Anaheim. Om fucking g…that was probably the most we’ve driven all week. By the time we got there, it was almost 11 something. We left at 8. That’s right. Fucking fuck…

The Zoo is huge. Twice as big as the tiny little zoo we have in Honolulu. And much more animals. Not that much happened ’cause all you do at a zoo is walking around and try to find animals in cages. In this case, it was more of a hike ’cause the place was so huge. Man, I should’ve brought more comfortable shoes. Here’re some highlights. After the highlights, we sat in traffic for two and half hours and fell asleep right after we got to the hotel. Long and traffickey day, sorry asses. dsc_0089


Saw little Timon sitting down looking bored











Turtle humping. Not much excitement there actually












Polar bear. I thought this was cool. And I wish he was cool. lol


This sign made my day




Here’s me trying to pet this goat but he’s not in the mood