[PC] Broken Age

[PC] Broken Age

I saw someone playing this game on Twitch. I liked the art style of it and decided to give it a go for myself. It’s appears to be a very casual, point-and-click game and you can choose to play between a boy and a girl. It really no matter who you choose in the beginning, because you can simply change between characters whenever you wish.

The story unfolds as you progress with the game. Nothing is thrown at you in the beginning. Ya, I don’t like stuff being thrown at me. Anyhow, you’ll slowly find out that the girl is being sacrificed along with few other girls to a fly with no wings looking monster who’s being terrorizing everyone in exchange to the safety of her entire village. unnamed (1)The boy lives on a space ship with his smothering and over-protective mother, dying to participate in anything dangerous. How do these two people connect? I thought to myself quite often during the first act of this game. I really didn’t know how there’ll be any connection of the sort. It took me awhile to find the answer to that question. And it simply amazed me when the two characters finally cross the path. I will not spoil anything as usual. But it definitely took me by surprise. Like damn, I didn’t see that coming. unnamed

After the first act, there’s couple of more hours of gameplay for ACT 2 and 3, if you take your time or don’t really know what to do like how I was. I got stuck a few times and not sure where to go or who to talk to. The game doesn’t offer hints but the characters do give you small hints every now and then. Might just have to try/use/combine all the items in your inventory in order to figure it out. No matter what you do, your character can’t die. He/she might just call you an idiot in the game but it’s okay nobody else knows. Like, “Oh! I didn’t know I was supposed to throw that squirrel at the dog, so he can go chase after it and leave his bone behind so I can pick it up and use it as a back-scratcher”. Ya, this is not in THIS game, k. But you know what I’m talking about. Troubles you run into when playing a point-and-click leveled puzzle game. So I finally finished it. The ending was kind of weak for my taste. It sort of just ends. Doesn’t necessarily do justice to the awesomeness of the plot of this game. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think?


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