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May & Jun Trip-Day 5/6/7

May & Jun Trip-Day 5/6/7

Day 5 was a lazy day. Didn’t move our asses out the door until 12 something in the afternoon. I think it’s because the previous day really exhausted us…or we still jet lagged, maybe both. Drove about one hour to Busch Gardens. There wasn’t that much traffic, speaking of which, is a lot better than the time we spent in Anaheim. The drive to San Diego was atrocious. I don’t know if this is the right word to describe it but you know what I mean.

By the time we got there, it was scorching hot again. Well, actually it has been scorching hot the whole way there but sitting our asses in the A.C helped to get through the day much easier. So anyways, I didn’t take any photos of this park. There isn’t much to photograph. The park is half a zoo half thrill rides. We spent couple of minutes looking at the animals and the rest of the time riding every single thrill rides there was. There was a short wait for every ride we went on. And all of them were really exciting and fun. After a few days of endless roller coaster rides, nothing really scares you anymore. We did everything else the one that drops you from up high, ya, I can’t do that shit. The ones we went at Disneyland are super kiddie rides compare to Busch Gardens. Well, speaking of which, I kinda regret that we never went to Disney World while we were there. More or less it’s still a landmark for the city. Planet Pandora just opened by the time we went there. But I heard it’s a struggle just to get in the land. I’m sure we’ll be back to see it when people are less excited about it. The day went by super fast but we pretty much did everything we could in the park, except for the one ride that was closed for maintenance when we’re there, which supposedly have a 90 degree drop. Oh wells.

The sixth day we went to SeaWorld. Even though we’ve been to the same one in California, we had so much fun so we decided to do it again. Overall, the amount of sea life in each park is about the same.

The first ride we went on was the Manta, same as the one in Cali. Despite the same names, the rides are completely different. Talking about bigger and better. The wait was almost one hour. Not surprising, there was only a couple of thrill rides open that day. The Kraken, which I heard they’re turning it into a virtual reality ride. You have to wear those VR headsets on roller coasters and hoping they don’t fall off. It was still under construction, which was a shame. Beb bought the express ticket for Manta because he didn’t want to wait that long, and it was totally worth it. The chairs you sit on lift up and tilt you forward right before launching you. So you need to face down and stare at the grounds below your feet the entire ride. Pretty cool and much scarier than it looks.

Second ride was the Mako, which was probably the scariest motherfucker I ever been on. First it claims to be the fastest and tallest roller coaster in Orlando, which I haven’t been to enough parks to know if that’s true. Second I didn’t feel safe in that thing at all. Can you imagine sitting in a high speed roller coaster s


eat and fear you gonna go flying the second it takes off? That’s how I felt. There’s no shoulder guard and there’s just a damn thing over your lap to protect you from flying off while you’re allow to move your upper body freestyle. Very insecure. The first drop was the hardest. It was almost straight down, 90 degree to be precise. Though it’s fast, it felt like forever. After that it just drops and drops and keeps on dropping until it finally came to a stop. Beb lost his hat in the process. He was sitting on it in the beginning but somehow slipped out of his ass. I wasn’t surprised. And I had to share my hat the remaining of our trip.

After Seaworld we went to Wonderworks, the upside down house. It felt very similar to Ripley’s. There’s so much activities in there that’s also available at Ripley’s. Hmmm….after we played with everything we went laser tagging. First time ever for the two of us, it was a lot of fun. Beb was so good at it. Ahole.

Last day we went to Aquatica, the water park for Sea World. And that’s one thing I noticed about Orlando theme parks, almost every park has a water park attached to it. It definitely has to do with the scorching weather here. The day went by pretty fast. Maybe it’s because our last day there but…*sigh* vacation days always go by faster than working days. We rode all the rides in Aquatica. I didn’t take many photos, though I brought my dry bag for my phone with me. I couldn’t document it most of the time for being on the rides. The one’s right before being launched into, that dark hole below. I forgot what ride it is.

Snapchat-1275106794  There’s little or no wait time for all the rides at the park. The weather was pretty cloudy that day. But it didn’t rain hard until we went back to the hotel. Perfect way to end our third vacation together.


May & Jun Trip-Day 3

May & Jun Trip-Day 3

Wow, day 3 was a fucking nightmare. So mind blowing as I never seen anything like that before. Day 3 we went to the new addition to Universal Studios Orlando, the new water park called Volcano Bay.  I didn’t take much photos ‘cuz I forgot to bring my dry-bag for my phone. Oh wells…The parking situation was easy enough. You get picked up by a shuttle which transported you to the park itself. Then at the gate you were given an advanced looking wristband for you to use in the park, which turned out to be the biggest nightmare there is.

The park thought of the fact, that being in a water park, you probably won’t be able to carry all of your shit with you. So there you go you were this wristband on, and connect it with your credit card and pay for shit as you go. I did thought it was a good idea though I never even had the chance to try it. Another main use of the band is to wait for a ride. That’s right. You wait for a fucking ride with this band. What happened was, instead of standing in line, you scan your wristband on the ride you wanna go on, and the wristband will show how long the wait time is and vibrate when it’s your turn to go on the ride. This whole thing is to save you time standing in line, instead you could be doing something else, like spending money at the bar, float around in the wave pool or walk around the park like idiots because it’s fucking crowded everywhere.TapuTapu-wearable-768x400

So after me and beb put away our shit inside of a locker, in which you lock it with the wrist band, OK. We walked to the first ride we saw and scanned our band. The wait time was 20 min which wasn’t bad for a crowded memorial Monday. We chilled in the lazy river until we had to go on the ten second ride. When the fun was over, we looked around for another ride to go on. This was when the shit went flying. Everywhere else that we went, the wait is 200 minutes to 350 fucking minutes. Are you fucking kidding me??? That’s like 5 fucking hours and more. I can fly back to Hawaii and still be waiting. Ya, ok, I understand it’s Memorial Monday, there’s tons of people there. But that can’t be right. Have you ever stand in an actual line for that fucking long? Unbelievable. So we chilled in the lazy river and the wave pool for the rest of the time, which was just as well crowded. Finally we left after merely couple of hours ‘cuz we didn’t wanna walk around anymore. We took off with only one ride rode and we went to the Island of Adventures and rode all the rides we couldn’t yesterday.