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[PC] Last Day of June

[PC] Last Day of June

Last Day of June features clay-like little people with small bodies, large heads and empty eye-sockets for eyes. No words spoken throughout the entire games. You’ll only hear your characters’ grunts, screams, yells, exclaims and so on. The game doesn’t seem impressive, yet it is.


In the beginning, the main playable character Carl and his wife, June are sitting by the lake. They then get caught in unexpected rain and start driving home. On the way home, they get into an car crash June passes away and Carl ends up in wheelchair. The game then allows you to play as the other four characters in the village that end up impacting June’s life: the little boy, the woman who’s moving away, the mustache man with the gun and the old man with beard. And no, they don’t have names for those characters.


just chilling in my tree house bro

What happens next is very simple yet complicated. You will have opportunities to play each character in a certain order. Once you make a choice with one character, the choice will further impact your next character, and so on. For example, if the moving away lady uses a rope to tie up her suitcase, her suitcase won’t fall out of her car. But then, the little boy won’t be able to use the rope to tie his kite (yes, you need a rope to fly a damn kite in here). The kite flies away and the boy chases it into the street, then causes the car accident. If the lady doesn’t use the rope, her suitcase flies out of her car, causing the car accident. Either way, you can’t save June.

You do have chances to go back to previous characters and undo your previous choice. Then again, the choice will domino effect your ass when you continue. It’s not a choice that’s you cannot undo. You can always go back and fix it later. Carl and June, on the other hand, can’t drive three feet on the road without getting into a car crush. And all that you do in the game, is to avoid doing stupid things that triggers June’s death. 2

It’s definitely not a difficult puzzle game. I never got stuck in this game and I get stuck in games a lot. It took me about three hours to complete it. Besides your main quest, you can also collect floating heads. Ya, literally floating heads. If it’s on PS or Xbox I’ll probably get an achievement for getting all of them. Now because it’s on PC so fuck me. Besides collecting those heads, you also need to constantly rewind your previous character’s mistake, and watch those intro and ending scenes over and over. That takes a long time out of your play time. I saw the car crash scene like about fifty times. There isn’t a way to skip any of it either.

The third act of the game is very different. You play as the old man. By then you probably thinking, what can the old man do that can prevent a seemly unrelated death? The answer ties to the ending which I will not spoil. However, I do need to say that it ties perfectly with the rest of the game. And the ending…oh wow, just wow, make sure you have your tissue boxes. I did not expect the ending at all. It’s probably not how most of us gamers envisioned it. There isn’t an alternative ending. Just the one. And it’s perfect. 💗




[PC Gaming]Evoland 2

[PC Gaming]Evoland 2

Playing Evoland 2, is like playing a game with all sorts of genre and fields dumped into a mixer and mixed together. There is side scrolling shooter, strategy/puzzle planning, beat-em-up style boss battle, Gwent style card games like Witcher 3 and more. It’s very unique and completely separates itself from most of other games that I’ve played. It deserves more credits and attention than it’s getting now, which is almost none. I’ve never heard of the Evoland franchise before getting into the game and I definitely wish I had.

The gameplay is very RPG like. Very typical old school 2-D style. Walking around village, speaking to NPCs, opening up treasure chests, waving your sword at chickens, etc. There are tons of Easter eggs in this game. I came across one on the very first screen, which I thought it was hilarious. Snapchat-444047993The game moves on and I learned more on the plot of the game, which is very unusual. That’s the part where I mentioned the game deserved more credit than given. Without giving away anything about the plot, the game involves and depending heavily on time traveling. And the graphic of the game changed depending on which time period you are in, past, present or future. In the past, the game graphic is very pix-elated, feel like something straight out of the old school gameboy. In the present, it looks exactly like the graphic of the picture to the left. Not entirely crystal clear but better. In the future, the game becomes 3-D and it’s similar to the featured image of this post. I won’t be speaking more on the plot, it’s so frigging complicated anyways I’ll probably confuse you more. And I didn’t understand it entirely on the first run. I had to look up a few things, not to cheat, (ha) but just to clarify a few things I couldn’t understand. Time-traveling is always complex to think about especially one involved with such gigantic mix master of a plot.

It took me about 25 hours of play time to beat the game. Not that the game is long but there’re so much crap to do. You know how when you’re playing GTA 4, it probably won’t take long to beat just to toggle all the main missions only, but in order to achieve 100% completion you need to do a whole mass of other crap, like shooting pigeons. O, man that one pisses me off..okay back to Evoland. So that’s what I was trying to achieve, other than just beat the shit out of the final boss, which is not too hard (took me four tries), I was also trying to collect all the collectibles in game in which I did okay, I got 95% completion and I was only missing a few items. I took a pic of the final shot as evidence but I’m not gonna attach here ’cause it’s sort of a spoiler. For the 100% you’ll probably need help, between all the locations you the game you also got the three time lines to play with. As if it’s not complicated enough.