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May & Jun Trip-Day 4

May & Jun Trip-Day 4

Day 4 was jam-packed with tons of activities. Well, we went to four places in one day. But hey, that’s a lot.

The day was scorching hot. SCORCHING HOT!!!! Wow, I thought summer in Hawaii with humidity is the most miserable thing I had to tolerate. I definitely shouldn’t been more prepared with the heat, like strapping a tank of fucking slushy on my back. First place we went was Gatorland. It kind of remind me of this one little gator zoo I used to go in China. People used live baby chicks and ducks to feed the hungry gators. That’s something you cannot unseen once you see it. Very brutal. This one was nothing like that. It was definitely more family friendly. Everything you feed to the gators are dead. The zoo was not big. And it doesn’t take long before seeing everything there is. We watched one show, take photo with baby gator and fed some birds and off we went.

Second place was Ripley’s Believe or Not. It’s like a hands-on museum of stuff you wouldn’t believe existed. Pretty cool place. We spent about couple of hours there. By the time we got out it was almost 3pm. We decided to go one last place nearby.

There was the Orlando Eye near by along with couple of other attractions. We didn’t have time to do it all and beb thought riding in the ferris wheels is gay, which that was the one I wanted to do. Oh well, it probably gonna be beaming hot in there anyways. I doubt they have A.C. So we went to Madame Tussauds, the wax museum. Neither of us have been to a wax museum before even when we were in L.A. I’m not that big of a picture whore so we sort of just walked through it. Beb took a couple of pics with his idols. And I just selfied with Johnny Depp and Steve Jobs.

After that we went home for a few hours of rest and about 6pm we drove to Kissimmee for Medieval Times dinner and tournament. We were given red-colored crowns at check-in, which put us in the back row. Of course, ‘cuz I never picked the premium seating or whatever bullshit they charge you extra money for so you can see the knights sweat better. The dinner was served in actual course. Soup first, the main course and lastly dessert. They gave you fair amount of food to eat, without utensils. The main course was chicken with potato which was okay, wouldn’t been better with Tabasco. Whenever you eat, you watch the show, which was quite entertaining. Everything was staged. So whoever wins or loses aren’t real. But it’s all for good fun.