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May & June Trip-Day 1 & 2

May & June Trip-Day 1 & 2


You know, I haven’t fly for over 8 months. Last trip I did was in September, so ya, about little over 8 months. I couldn’t remember the last time I was so fucking miserable on an airplane. Well, only if I knew ahead of time, I would probably get wasted first and charge my laptop to the fullest (it was 15% till dying). We had almost three hours of layover in Phoenix, if not counting that time, the total travel time would probably be around 11 fucking hours. FM. I didn’t know flying from Honolulu to Orlando would be so much pain in the ass.¬†Anyways, our first supposedly vacation day is wasted on the plane just getting there.

After we got there, things started to get smoother. We got picked up by our shuttle right away. I was dreading that ‘cuz last time we waited for 45 plus minutes. Motherfuckers…then it was a very short drive to our hotel. There was a tiny glitch there, too, I guess. The fucking hotel is in the middle of nowhere. There’s no convenient store or plaza or any sort of shopping area nearby. It’s like a fucking wasteland. I looked on Google Maps ahead of time and there’s seemed to be tons of stuff nearby. I guess when you’re actually on foot, they aren’t so nearby after all. We tried to walk a little bit but the heat was killing us, at 6pm in the afternoon! It was still fucking hot as fuck. FM. So me and beb ordered pizza and just chilled in the room for the night.


The second day we walked to the nearest car rental place and got us a car. It was a fucking SUV ‘cuz they don’t have any compact cars left. I don’t know why I even bother made the reservation ahead of time. AND there were only less than a quarter gas left, thanks a lot asshole. We drove to Universal Studios and it was so jam-packed. It was memorial day weekend. Good thing I found that out last night and got us couple of express passes. We were able to cut in line like couple of assholes all day, which is cool, ‘cuz you really saved lots of time standing in line. We still stood in line couple of times for re-rides and stuff. Revenge of Mummy was so much fun, almost the same as the one in California. They both are in-door roller coasters but one goes backwards and the other don’t. They’re both super fun though. Rode it twice. The rest of the day went smooth until beb crapped out. We still jet lagged, well, he mostly. So we went home at around 5pm. Ugh.