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[PC Gaming] Ghost of a Tale

[PC Gaming] Ghost of a Tale

This game was crowdfunded by either Kickstarter or Indiegogo I’m not sure which. I encountered it when it was still undergoing development. I had the chance to play part of it that the developer released that act like a teaser. It was quite enjoyable.

Your character is a cute, little mouse. Of course in the game-play itself your character blows up to human size so you can see him better. Or it’s us who get smaller. Your pick.maxresdefault (1)

The game starts off with no explanation of what you supposed to do. No story. No background. No words slowly scrolling up like Starwar intro. I don’t know if that’s what the game developer intended to be or just didn’t add that in yet, but I really dig the factor of unknown. I don’t like when everything is presented to you in the very beginning when you don’t even give two shits about it yet.

Anyhow, all you know is, your character, Tilo, is locked up in jail and you try to gather all the shit around you and make attempt to escape stealthily. Because the game focuses on stealth, your character Tilo isn’t equipped with ability to fight. When you encounter an enemy mouse, all you can do is run like the wind and hide like a scaredy-cat, or mouse. Your health and stamina uses the same meter. Which means, when you’re low on health, you can’t exactly run like Forest. For a stealth game, it was probably done on purpose so you won’t be able to just run past every enemy. That’s no fun.

It took me a few hours to complete all the available main missions and also all of the side missions. Then the game went to black and the screen tells you the rest of the game is still underdevelopment. I encountered a few glitches during the gameplay and I had to restart the game, which is understandable considering that was only supposed to be a beta. I’m sure they’ll be patched up by the time the official game releases, which is probably gonna be awhile till. There’s only one main developer. It’s going to be quite sometimes to make a game with such details.