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[PC] Life is Strange Before the Storm

[PC] Life is Strange Before the Storm

Hey, life is always strange, even when there isn’t a storm blowing.

Took me awhile in order to play this game, I wanted to wait till all the episodes came out. I thought it’s gonna be five episodes following the last game’s footsteps. There are, however, only three episodes. Definitely a lot shorter than the first Life is Strange. It came out almost three years behind the first one but the graphic was just about the same as before. The characters still move like pull string puppets with weird head/hand/body movements of awkwardness. There is unnecessary long pauses between conversations  and terrible voice-acting with lack of in-game character facial expressions.


poor excuse for a pillow

You play as pre-bluehair rebel Chloe through her journey with pre-dead Rachel Amber and you’ll learn how they ended up becoming friends. That being said, there’s less choices to make in this game. Maybe because it’s shorter or you’re lack of ability to rewind anything you regret. It just doesn’t feel like there’s a whole lot of choices to make.

In this game, instead of photographing shit,  you get to graffiti shit on shit.


and her marker never dries

If you miss anything, you can collect them in collector’s mode. Same as last game. Also, to stretch this game, it added on “back-talk” for Chloe. By choosing the right smartass comeback, Chloe can successfully talk her way in or out of something. If you succeed, you get bragging rights, and proceed in the game. If you fail, the game will still proceed almost the same way. The story line never changes and it doesn’t matter what you do. The thing about making a choice-making game that is a prequel of something already happened, really doesn’t give you much flexibility on how you want the story to go. Because you know what eventually will happen.

I’ll be using Beyond Two Souls as an example. It’s not a very good example considering it is a much bigger game with real actors playing the parts and shit. However, the concept of two games is similar: you follow through the game and make choices. In Beyond, the choices you make affect the story greatly, and you either enjoy or suffer from it. In Life, it almost doesn’t matter much of what you’ve chosen. Because you know whatever you do is not going to flip the story around. During Episode Two, Chloe had a choice to either listen to music together with Rachel or listen alone. musicIf you choose listen together, it will obviously enhance your relationship with Rachel. If not, you’re still cool ’cause that’s not gonna stop you from going to Episode Three and have an ending with Rachel. So you see what I mean.

In the end, just like the first game, you’ll be able to make one ginormous choice which will determine the ending you’ll get. Sounds serious as shit but there’re only three endings. One good one bad and one secret. If you don’t like the ending, just reload last checkpoint and choose again or watch it on Youtube.


ya ya ya