[PC Gaming] What Remains of Edith Finch

[PC Gaming] What Remains of Edith Finch

It only took me couple of hours to finish this fairly new game. Not beat. Finish. It’s an interactive game that you do no more than walking around from point A to point B, opening doors and picking up things. There’s no enemy, no danger. You simply follow through the game as it prompts you. I would understand the high rating on this game, as it does have an interesting and deep story line to it. You play as a 17 year-old girl who’s the last remaining member of the Finch family, as every other of her family members had died at young ages. You go back to the old home where everything started, discovers every family member’s old rooms and learn the secrets and reasons behind their deaths.resizedimage640360-What-Remains-of-Edith-Finch-20170518094943 When I started the game, I didn’t really know what to expect. I usually enjoy solving puzzles or shooting something at someone in a game but I chose to follow through this game because of the story. It’s interesting to learn how generations and generations of people in the same family dies in every possible death you can think of. What-Remains-of-Edith-Finch-Review-4Ya, that’s a fragment sentence right there. Maybe run-on, too. But that’s how simple yet complicated the story is. I like how the game unfold things. It doesn’t cram you all the information in the beginning but it slowly unfolds itself as you go on. Stories are also told in different forms, like poetry, comic strips, letters and diary entries to avoid boring you. edith-finch-barbara-comic-042717And you get to do something interactive from the first or third-person view with every story. So you learn from your own eyes about those unfortunate deaths. You will reach the end once you learn about every family member’s death. Then you’ll learn about yourself and the reason why you’re doing all of this. The game gives me an ending that left me wondering, which I won’t be writing it here of course. I really wasn’t sure what I got out of it, or what the game wanted me to get out of. Maybe it was just for the experience of a good storytelling.


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