[PC gaming] How to Survive 2

[PC gaming] How to Survive 2

Never played 1. Didn’t know who made it. And didn’t know what to expect either. Me and my bae played this game for quite sometimes now we’re close to beating it. So this is a typical zombie slashing, blood squirting, camp building, weapon choosing surviving slash RPG game that beb found for us to play together. I wasn’t too impressed with the zombie theme. I mean C’mon, it’s been done to death pretty much. The only thing attracts me to play it that it allows offline co-op up to four people. So it’s more suitable for people who has equal to or more than three friends. It’s more fun that way, trust me. You can slash zombie by yourself but it gets boring fast kine.

You start the game by building your own character and choose from twelve different shirts for your character to wear. I could be miscounted but it’s around there. The graphic isn’t too impressive but it’s definitely decent. Since it’s pretty much RPG so you go around talking to ugly NPCs and get missions from them, no seriously, they’re ugly as fuck. One of them artwork looks like a chimpanzee and it’s supposed to be a fat lady wearing a mine hat.

Then you gather supplies, upgrade your weapon, build your camp and upgrade your character. It’s pretty repetitive that’s why it’s a good idea to have a friend to play with. At least you have someone who isn’t a NPC to slash with a machete, and ya, you can hurt each other in this game which I thought it was cool.

There isn’t much weapons to choose from, it’s not Dead Rising where you can throw bananas and run them over with shopping carts. The game allows multiply types of ammo. But once you run out on one you need to go to your character menu, slide the mouse over and pick another ammo. Oh, did I mention the game doesn’t pause? No? K, so the game doesn’t pause. If you’re surrounded and you got no time to pick another ammo you are dead. Pretty annoying way to punish someone with multiple ammo in hands. Other than that, it’s still a very fun offline co-op game. There isn’t much nowadays, everything’s online either you gotta pay for online service or better internet. Worth a try if you have a friend and/or the money for a second controller.


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