[Android gaming] Sara is Missing

[Android gaming] Sara is Missing

Thanks to my PC gamer magazine, I recently discovered and completed this free android game called Sara is Missing (SIM). Downloadable on both Apple store and Google Play. It’s sort of like a scary, simulation slash puzzle game and it’s very well created.

The plot is pretty simple. You, the player, found a missing person’s smart phone and you’ll try to find her/or find out what happened to her by snooping around her call log, text messages, photos, videos and emails..ya I think that’s all. Maybe there’re more to look that I missed, I don’t know. I like very much the fact that the entire game is based of a phone. Very creative way to get someone attach to a game. And also I found snooping around somebody else’s phone very pleasurable. Not that I do that in real life (smh Emoji insert here).

There’s a few puzzles to solve along the way. Well, not exactly puzzle puzzle but something you gotta think a little and look for. That’s about it. Nothing too difficult you need to break your head thinking about it. The whole play through probably takes about 20 minutes if you take your time reading and looking through everything.

There are some rated R images but nothing too tough to handle. It’s just actors smearing red makeup all over their faces and making grimaces. Overall, it’s pretty creative and fresh idea. I’d like to see more games like this one made. Maybe just a little bit longer? It’s a good start though.


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