September Trip day 7


Day 7 is really not worth mentioning.

Man it was so boring…because I didn’t plan ahead to see where we wanna go. And we kinda just improvised on the spot and went to the other side of the Disneyland park. It was so boring…I think we left at around 4 in the afternoon. That place was just filled with kiddie rides and crowd mountain. This one particular, named Haunted Mansion or some shit was the most boring of all. Oh my fucking g why did I even go on it. The line wrapped around like so much we waited for over one hour for that bullshit. 1

Anyways, did a few other rides and we were over it. Kinda of a lousy way to end our vacation but overall I guess it was okay if I just forget about all the boring parts of it. I had a good time with beb considering it was our first trip off the island.



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