September Trip day 6

September Trip day 6

Hi it’s me again. So the trip’s not over huh. I guess not.

It’s day 6. And we went to Universal Studios. Not part of the Southern deal, yes. We had to stand in line and purchased tickets on the spot. Since some idiot forgot to do it the night before, and/or didn’t expect that much other people standing in line getting tickets on the spot as well…*sigh*

so…”thirty minutes laytah” (said in the way you often hear in Spongebob), we got our front of the line tickets. Was gonna do two days but, we figure we can just skip lines all day like two assholes and probably will cover all the attraction, and we did.


This thing is awesome. It’s expensive as fuck though.

Anyhow, some of the attraction we liked, Harry Potter watching a movie with 3D glasses, spinning chairs, chasing Harry and Hermione’s asses on a broom. The whole thing was cool as fuck. The Walking Dead walk was definitely shorter than I expected. The walkers weren’t trying to scare as much as I wanted them to. The setting and music was on point. Set the atmosphere well. 1Then there were some “meh” rides. Like the Despicable Me ride. Ugh…annoying little kids and draggy dialogues, plus the ride made me wanna vomit. The house looked cool though. 8




Same book featured in Despicable Me movie. So cute…


Fallout themed Monopoly

After we did pretty much all the rides, and watched almost all the shows, including Waterworld (we didn’t get splashed, bummer), and Animal Actors, it was almost night time already. Overall I’ll say it’s good experience, mostly because of those passes, we probably would still be stuck in line somewhere if it were for those.


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