September Trip day 5

September Trip day 5

Nothing much today.

No, really. Nothing much today at all.

Me and beb went to Legoland, part of our Southern California city pass deal #4. The first three we did in previous days. And it’s so dulllll….maybe it’s because I don’t have any kids. Most people there were with children and they looked like they having a blast in the sandbox itself. So anyways, the day ended early, after we walked around the whole park. Looked at a lotttt of lego models, which were quite cool i admit. Rode all the rides that looked slightly exciting, which we only had fun on the “one ride where you sit in the seats and they shake and spin you like a rattle”. That was cool. Then we went to the gift shop and bought a Lego walle, I picked it out and beb loved it.

2a model of Walle that we put together after our trip.


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