September Trip day 4


Oh boy…oh boy…oh fucking boy…day four was the best one out of all. Reasons? Good fucking night of sleep. After that, I actually forgot what we ate. Maybe we went 7 eleven or something. It was right next to our hotel and a bus stop full with weed smoking homelessness. I sure know how to pick ’em huh. Then we started making our way to Seaworld San Diego. Yup, we back to that place. It wasn’t as bad as the zoo though. Only about twenty minutes closer. Still a long drive. After got there, we went on the first roller coaster ride we saw: Journey to Atlantis. It was probably the shortest “journey” ever. Still pretty exciting. Waited a little bit for the front row. O ya forgot to mention, we always wait for front row. Not my idea. Then we just walked around the whole park pretty much. It was still a big place but thank goodness not as big as the zoo. Here’ some highlights. So far, it was the best park I’ve been. Good rides good food and good shamu bottle.


my love and hate relationship with the front row

The day gone by fast, when we came out of the park it was almost 5 o’clock. Checked Google Map and there’s still traffic going home. I guess it’s the same rush hour rush as it is in Hawaii. Oh well, we drove to a nearby barbecue place that a worker there suggested. It actually was quite good. We ate as slow as we can. But there’s still fucking traffic oh my word. I suggested miniature golf and found the closest one and we drove there. And there it was, mission beach. Oh my fucking g, it was the same one in Grand Theft Auto 5. Oh my fucking fuck, that was too cool. We walked around for a bit until we saw this LazerMaze place then we played a few rounds of that. Was quite fun. There was this carnival nearby with a few rides and game booths. Pretty cool place. Then we went playing golfing and beb won by one point. LOL was good fun, ’cause it was spontaneous.



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