September Trip Day 2


OH MY FUCKING FUCK…It was so mother-fucking cold when I woke up (which was 420 in hawaii time btw). I put on the only long pants I brought. Yup, the only fucking one there. I thought I was doomed. Put on make up. Snapchat-it. snapchat-7370298591842125257Nobody saw it until about five hours after though. And woke up beb so we went up to the top floor of the hotel to eat free breakfast.

When we got there, the room was filled with “haole”s, that’s the Hawaiian word for Caucasians/whites. Of course, we should’ve known ’cause we were in Anaheim right by Disney, right? Fuck me. There wasn’t even any bacon lying around to pick at. Same glue looking eggs and some shitty bagels. No wonder it’s free. Me and beb didn’t eat much but enough so we don’t pass out and started making our way to Disney.

I started to realize I might have dressed too much. It started to get really fucking hot. I had boots and tights so fuck me.  When we got there, there’s already plenty of people there already. Shit, I thought school was back in, no? No?

Got in the gate and everyone scrambled. We found a map. micromsg-1473180739295Opened it up and it was fucking huge. Took us a while to determine what we wanna do. Since we weren’t exactly there for seesaws and merri-go-around, we found some of the bigger rides and headed directly there. Long story short, we did maybe six something rides that day. Not too bad considering that it was so fucking crowded. And we only did all the adults rides. Tower of Horror was fantastic. Too bad they’re taking it down soon. For whatever the reason I don’t fucking know. It was awesome I felt lucky I got to try it before it went down. The big roller coaster wasn’t too shabby either. I closed my eyes the entire time so it didn’t count, according to someone. dsc_0071The other attractions were all for kids. We didn’t bother. Walked through a few gift shops and of course they charge you shit load of money for almost nothing LOL. Had lunch there too and it was lame. An award winning wiener is just an regular wiener with peer pressure.
Nothing much to brag. snapchat-6907194278752695232Went home at around 5 o’clock. Exhausted. Went to Tony Roma’s for dinner and that was fucking awesome.

Day 2 ended on a good note.


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