September Trip Day 1


OMG I’m just so extremely stocked that I have to record this before I forget about it, which I won’t…Ha, still though. Just in case my memory gets blurry. Here’s what happened.

I’ve been stressed out like a madwoman planning this frigging trip which I wanted it to be as perfect as it can be. Beb told me it’s okay if shit happened we just deal with it along the way. Okie dokie…so that’s what I did. Got to the airport. Checked in our bag. And went through TSA check (they had me threw away my apples mommy packed for me >_<). And everything went ok from there. dsc_0065We waited around at the gate for a bit until we had to board the plane. It was a big ass plane though. Plenty of peeps and seats. Only thing is NO FOOD SERVICE. So disappointed. I was looking forward eating shitty plane food. Since I got no more apples, (thanks alot!), we fed on peanuts, cookies and pretzels. That’s all the snacks they’ve got, which came in this very tiny packages with couple of bites and they’re gone. The perk is that they got good movies to watch. And their toilets flush very good.

  After 5 hours of painful plane ride, we landed on LAX, which was freezing. Don’t judge me, I live in Hawaii for ten years OK! All of the clothes I brought are much too short for this weather. I needed to go to an Outlet and shop away before going to any of the attractions I wanted to go goddamnit. We waited on the side of the road for almost one fucking hour until our driver for the shuttle gets here. Man, my shorts were freezing goddamnit. The driver was trying to cheer us up by doing trivia and joke questions with us. It helped a little. Thanks pal. Then took another almost half an hour to get to our hotel, which is in Anaheim. I made it close to Disneyland so we don’t have to travel very far for it. But all the other damn attractions are all in fucking San Diego and shit. Man…need to think more next time. Got to our hotel. Checked in. And it was almost ten. We were not remotely tired because it feeling like 1 in the afternoon our time. And all the restaurants were pretty much closed until we found a Subway near by that’s open 24 hours. Pretty shady area. Kinda put my in a crappy mood ’cause I chose the place. Beb didn’t say anything though. ’cause that was shit #1 we gotta deal with. 


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