Trip to Kona, Big Island


C360_2015-06-11-20-25-20-907So ya…me and fish fucking went to Kona for four nights and three days. A little getaway for us both. It was the first time we travel together. And we do plan to get further and further each time we get away. Though I don’t count it much as travel as crawling overseas to another fucking island that looked just like ours one, that’s exactly how it was.

C360_2015-06-14-09-37-30-267We stayed at Royal Kona Resort, which located at the tourist trap area in Kona side of the island. Kinda like our Waikiki. The whole street is filled with restaurants and bars. Basically places for you to go eat and get wasted. We had an ocean front room facing out to the sea. It was quite beautiful actually. We sat on the balcony and ate breakfast almost everyday we were here.


The second day we were there, we went on a whole island tour with Roberts Hawaii tour bus. The whole tour was about 11 hours long. By the time we got home we were knocked out and slept until it was time to go to sleep again.


The third day we rented noisy mopeds and riding them all over town. Plenty cars got stuck behind us wanted to run us over. Don’t blame them, those things are slow and loud as fuck. We rode to a snorkeling place in Kona. Took us about 30 mins to ride there. The snorkeling was great. Turtles everywhere, though didn’t catch a picture of them. We can always get a picture of the turtles in Oahu, they looked exactly the same anyhow.

The fourth day we didn’t have much time before our flight. So we just returned the mopeds and packed our asses up. And waited for the shuttle to take us back to the airport, where we waited a little more. Even after we got home, it felt like we never left. The island looked alike after all.

Oh wells, next time it’s gonna be less boring than this shit.


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